Canel’s Group

We have forged a portfolio of companies to offer a wide range of products and services nationally and internationally.

Canel’s Group is a diverse, privately held, Mexican enterprise, which was founded in 1925. What started as a company producing chocolates and fruit preserves, has grown into a global confectionary supplier and diverse company encompassing several different industries. Since the very beginning, CANEL’S GROUP has earned a reputation of providing superior customer satisfaction by offering high quality products.

The company is proud to be a financially strong, wholly owned Mexican entity. Canel’s Group consists of several businesses.

For a better place to live

We care for the environment

As a socially responsible company, Canel’s is focusing on our sustainability initiatives. Canel’s is developing energy efficient processes using alternate energy sources, such as wind and solar, for power and air conditioning in our manufacturing facilities.

Since the beginning, Canel’s has been a highly diversified group of industrial and service companies.

Our way will continue towards growth.